Cone - Ceramic Nail Bits

The tapered formed bit can be used in the under nail cutting, as well as the cuticle area, the sidewall and the surface work. It is appropriate for the top of the toenails as well.

Sale price$ 7.00-15%Normal price$ 8.20
Flute Size
Extra Coarse-XCCoarse-CMedium-MFine-F
White Ceramic
Shank Lenght
25.4mm(1 inch)StandardLong Shank - Used for Europe
- 679 pieces
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Purchase Quantity Unit Price Discount  
1 PCS - 1000 PCS 7.00 100%  
1000 PCS - 3000 PCS 5.25 75% Contact us
3000 PCS - 5000 PCS 4.20 60%
Above 5000 PCS 3.50 50%


Flute Size: Φ 6.00 mm, Φ 4.00 mm

Overall Length: 51mm,38 mm

Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)


1. Antibacterial;

2. No clogging;

3. Resistance of acid, alkali and heat;

4. Improvement of customers’ feel;

5. Excellent durability and cutting performance;

6. Unusual, eye-catching appearance for easy identification;

7. Protection of E-Files.


1. Check nail bits before use;

2. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses;

3. For professional use only;

4. Do not use if it is dropped;

5. Keep out of reach of children;

6. Disinfect nail bits after use.


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