Crystal Large Barrel Bit Chamfer - Ceramic Nail Bits

Used for surface work, shortening and back-fill cutting.

Normal price$ 7.80
Flute Size
Large - 6.6mm
Coarse-CMedium-MFine-FExtra Fine-XF
White Ceramic
Shank Lenght
25.4mm(1 inch)Standard
- 984 pieces
Product Description Consulting

Flute Size: Φ6.60mm
Overall Length: 38.1mm
Shank Size: 3/32" (2.34mm)
Material: Zirconia Ceramic



1. Antibacterial;

2. No clogging;

3. Resistance of acid, alkali and heat;

4. Improvement of customers’ feel;

5. Excellent durability and cutting performance;

6. Unusual, eye-catching appearance for easy identification;

7. Protection of E-Files.


1. Check nail bits before use;

2. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses;

3. For professional use only;

4. Do not use if it is dropped;

5. Keep out of reach of children;

6. Disinfect nail bits after use.


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