Policy and Agreement

Thank you for your purchase in WILSON online shop. In order to protect your rights, please read the following terms carefully before shopping. By placing an order for merchandise on WILSON online shop, it is deemed to have the prior knowledge and agree to be bounded by these terms of all categories.

1. Commercial Terms

This agreement applies to all the customers who buy through the internet page wilsonshopping.com (abbreviation: WILSON online shop), involved all the transactions including the goods, the trading contract, the delivery and the service.

We do not recognize or accept the terms of the customers.

This agreement is written in both Chinese and English. Both language versions shall be equally authentic. In case of any inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.

2. Privacy Policy

Customers must set a group of member account and password, and fill in the relevant personal information before shopping. Customers are responsible for providing sufficient and accurate information. If any inaccuracy or untrue have been found, WILSON remains the right to suspend or terminate the membership and refuse to provide any continuous services.

WILSON assumes the confidentiality obligations of all the customers’ personal information under this agreement. Except for the completion of the order or provide membership service, WILSON won’t disclose any information to any person without the consent of the customer.

Customers have the responsibilities and obligations to keep properly the member account and password. Customers shall not disclose, lend, transfer or provide the account to any third party by any ways or means, and shall sign out each time after use to prevent the fraudulent use. All the behaviors under each member account, unless with the proof of non-attributable to the customers, will be considered as the acts of the customers who shall take their full responsibility. WILSON disclaims the liability for all the losses non-attributable of customers’ account.

WILSON reserves the right to provide the customer information to the third party in accordance with legal requirements, but only with the minimum necessity.

3. Return & Exchange Policy

WILSON has the right not to accept the return or exchange requirement (except the quality problems), if there is any product or package damage, including the missing pieces in the return merchandise.

If the return or exchange is based on quality problems, please contact us by email to start the progress in three working days after first received date. Customers must return all the goods (including gifts), and all the costs (including the freight cost of return and resend) are borne by the customer.

If the merchandise contains the redeeming gift, the credits cannot be refunded when return. The deductible coupon cannot be able to return if it is used in the order.

4. Intellectual Property

All the copyrights, the trademarks, the pictures and the descriptions of the products, the design and the illustrations, as well as all the other materials used in the website, are owned by WILSON. Reproduction, also by extract and reproducing photos are only permitted with written authorization of WILSON.

We reserve the right to modify our range of products and their design as well as to deviate from the illustrations and the data shown.

5. Governing Law and Dispute

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. All disputes arising from the performance of this agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation. Should no settlement be reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted for arbitration to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and the arbitration rules of this Commission shall be applied. The arbitration shall be conducted in Shanghai, China. The arbitral award shall be final and binding upon both parties.

Unless otherwise provided, the arbitration shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the other provisions in this agreement.